Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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Is it time to give your smile a boost? Doing so can bring many benefits, including an increase in confidence, not to mention a beautiful smile that would make any Hollywood actor green with envy. We have all the treatments and techniques that can help you gain a smile you will love, and we can help you do it quickly, comfortably, and affordably! 


A Brand-New Smile and a Brand-New You

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry procedures are almost too numerous to mention. They include health benefits, functionality benefits, and, of course, enhancing your appearance. The following are some examples. 


Cosmetic Dentistry For Dental Health

Did you know cosmetic dentistry can do more than help you gain a new smile? It can also help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. When you have straight teeth and no gaps in your smile from missing teeth, keeping them clean is more manageable. This is because uneven teeth and teeth with spaces where bacteria and plaque build-up are more susceptible to tooth decay. Also, when you have a beautiful smile with white teeth that make you proud, you may be more likely to take excellent care of them by brushing and flossing daily. 


Functional Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

When most people think of cosmetic dentistry, they may think of teeth whitening and dental veneers and how they make your teeth look better. But did you know that treatments like dental veneers can improve your bite and appearance?


Dental veneers, crowns, and other treatments considered aspects of cosmetic dentistry can straighten your teeth. Straighter teeth make you more likely to bite and chew your food correctly. Additional benefits can result, such as better digestive health. 


Aesthetic Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Last but not least, we’ll end with the aesthetic benefits. Most people consider cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance; it is a great way to do this. Your smile is one of your primary ways to make a great impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression, but we can give you many opportunities to improve your smile with our cosmetic dentistry in Alamogordo, New Mexico


Our Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Now that we’ve covered the extensive benefits let’s review a few examples of the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer. 


Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers can be an excellent way to improve the appearance of your teeth. They are thin shells composed of specialized dental material that matches the look and shade of your natural teeth. We cement them over your natural teeth, so they’re less invasive than alternative solutions that may require tooth extraction. Veneers can also be more affordable than alternative solutions, lasting many years with proper care. What’s not to love?


Teeth Whitening:

Do you wish your teeth could be whiter and brighter? They can, with our Boost Teeth Whitening treatment. What is Boost? It’s a way to quickly and comfortably give you whiter teeth in just one office visit. 


The process is simple: just sit back and relax in our dental chair while we do the work. First, we’ll thoroughly clean your teeth, then apply the potent yet safe whitening agent. We’ll use a specialized light to speed up and enhance the whitening process. And that’s it! In no time, you can say goodbye to stubborn tooth stains and hello to a bright set of beautiful teeth. 


Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you ready to get started on one of our quality cosmetic dental treatments? If so, contact us today! We’re excited to help you gain a smile you’ll be proud to show off. 


We’ll provide excellent recommendations based on your goals and ensure comfort from start to finish! Don’t wait to do something great for your smile! Visit Dr. Robert S. Albiston and his team at Sky View Dental in Alamogordo today!